Top 3 at the Industry Tech Innovation Night

Christian yesterday presented our automatic weld inspection project at digihub’s Industry Tech Innovation Night.

The audience voted and our use case was well received. Afterward Christian got the chance to go into more detail.

First Round

In the first session, Christian explained the potential of artificial intelligence methods in non-destructive materials testing (NDT). Particularly in the quality inspection of consumer goods, the 100% inspection of automotive parts or component testing for plant safety, processes can be optimized with machine learning. This allows companies to increase the quality of the exam and reduce the time required. Also the danger of the shortage of skilled workers at certified examiners can be relativized.

He outlines how the product vision could revolutionize the review process and introduces the sentin team.

The Voting

Thereafter, or during the other seven pitches, an online vote took place. The application and the presentation were convincing, so that we were able to move into the second round. In addition to two further lectures, special attention was paid to the application of automated RT testing of welds.

Second Round

After a brief transition of the moderation and great joy on our part Christian presented, which problems exist at the NDT of pipes. In addition to the skills shortage, the safety requirements for the process industry and the detection of damage and leaks are particularly relevant. Today’s radiographic image acquisition and manual interpretation of these images require high concentration and are associated with enormous costs. The AI ​​models we develop help the examiner complete this task faster and with less uncertainty.

A user-friendly interface and a flexible programming interface should revolutionize this process and take the NDT to a new level. Christian also describes that we are currently pursuing and looking for projects in the area of ​​NDT and quality assurance. Our extraordinary expertise and engineering background allow us to work quickly and domain-oriented.


Overall, a successful event with many interesting lectures. We were able to make some contacts and are pleased that the digihub has invited us to such an innovative event. We are looking forward to seeing what industry and NDT can expect in the near future.

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