AI & Industry 4.0 for Executives

of Testing, Inspection & Certifcation (TIC) industry.

Seminars, workshops and trainings.

Put an end to buzz words.

Benefit from content specifically tailored to decision-makers and process owners.

Gain insights into cost structures and ROI calculations for new technologies.

Get feedback on your ideas and work out new possible applications in your company.

The content of our training courses is aimed specifically at managers and process owners in Testing, Inspection & Certifcation (TIC) industry  – whether they are board members, managing directors, production managers, department/team leaders or other managers.


For General Trainings:

you do not need any prior knowledge of AI or in-depth technical understanding. This can serve as a basis for further technical training, for example.


For Technical Trainings: 

you only need basic knowledge of digitization. However, these can also be worked out together beforehand.

We offer various workshop & seminar formats based on your prior knowledge and concrete use cases.

Content General Trainings:

  • Basics Digitalization & Industry 4.0
  • Basics Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Technologies of Industry 4.0
  • Practical application examples
  • Basics Return-On-Invest Consideration of new technologies

Content Technical Trainings:

  • Feedback on ideas/processes
  • Development of new concepts in your company
  • Requirements for software and hardware as well as data
  • Development and integration concepts
  • Developing effort estimates & decision templates
  • Business model & return-on-investment calculation using your example

Stand out with practical experience.

Chocolate Annotations
How fast can you count the nuts?
A human takes about 10-15 seconds. The computer takes a few milliseconds.

We work with you to develop fundamentals and practical applications. Digitization, artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0 are not just buzz words or hype topics.

Learn from practical examples or applications in your company what these technologies can do and what are just empty promises.

Here is an example of concrete empirical values, learn more in our FAQ.

AI TypeEffort & Data RequirementsHardware RequirementsLocalization
Object Detectionhighmoderateyes
Segmentationvery highhigh better


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Dominik Nestler
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