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A human takes about 10-15 seconds. The computer takes a few milliseconds.

Reliable controls in a company are an important part of production – whether in quality assurance or incoming goods inspection.

Sometimes the inspection of components and products takes up to 10 minutes and sometimes thousands of images are generated per week, all of which must be reliably checked.

Our software, the sentin EXPLORER, allows you to automate the evaluation and set it up as exactly as you need it.

Use your existing cameras or systems and with our algorithms for defect detection or integrate them into your inspection software.

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Annotate. Train. Integrate.

This is how you get your digital inspector running.

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We use artificial intelligence to check products and components for errors. The only thing you need to get started is digital images.*

To calibrate the defect recognition, the defects must be labeled on the image. This process is called “annotating”.  If enough images have been annotated, the algorithm can be trained (a so-called model can be generated) and then tested. For some applications, we can already use pre-selected models to speed up your training process. For more information, e.g. how an artificial intelligence works, please refer to the FAQ.

If you are satisfied with the recognition rate, you can continue to use the model in the sentin EXPLORER or you can export the detection model and integrate it e.g. into your machine vision system. If new circumstances arise, e.g. a changed product line, you can retrain and update the system with new examples.

Do you currently still rely on manual visual inspections and do not yet have digital images? No problem, contact us and we will check together with our competent hardware partners whether a changeover makes sense for you.

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Our studies in the aerospace sector already show that our AI algorithms can achieve an accuracy of over 99%.

Conventional image processing relies on rule-based algorithms, but is prone to environmental influences. Good parts are incorrectly sorted out or defects are not detected at all – slip/complaints and pseudo rejects are the result. Frequently, recalibration is then carried out in one direction or the other. With artificial intelligence, detection is more reliable for many applications or problems can be solved that were previously considered too complex.


Our customers rely on a robust evaluation of various images during visual and image-based inspections.

* A trained evaluation model & corresponding hardware is required for this. More about this in the section ‘Our approach’ or our FAQ.

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Our software can be integrated into your business processes in two steps. No matter whether you use ready-made evaluations or have special requirements. With the sentin EXPLORER you can set up your analysis as precisely as you need it – even afterwards.

Our software helps you with the evaluation and saves you time and nerves. We believe that experts need the right tool. That’s why we’ve worked with industry experts to implement features and digital inspectors that will help you perform tests faster and easier. The computer is at your side as a competent tester.

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Is your company ready for AI & Machine Vision projects?

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