From Solingen to the Bergisches Land

The beginning

After the exciting final of the mountain pitch a few weeks ago, we perceived Solingen as a very interesting and cordial place. We are also pleased to have further expanded our cooperation with the coworking space coworkit and companies in Solingen.

The News

Shortly afterwards we met with Michael Kremer and Michael Schütz from the Solinger Tagesblatt for an interview and photos. In the interview we describe our activities and our AI-supported software vision, which can be used to automate manual inspection processes e.g. in quality assurance. Especially for scratches or defects on metallic surfaces our models can be used to increase accuracy and inspection speed.
The complete article “More reliable than the human eye” can be read here.

The future

As also indicated in the article, we want to use Solingen as a starting point for cooperation in the Bergisches Land. Especially the medium-sized companies located there are experts in production and can benefit from automated quality control and thus, for example, reduce complaints. Our AI solutions can automatically learn these demanding tasks and recognize complex error patterns.

How can an examination be performed digitally?

sentin GmbH develops and distributes visual inspection systems based on artificial intelligence for industrial use. Lift your quality control to the next level – learn more about a sentin VISION system here

Titelbild- 3 Challenges of NDE 4.0

The 3 Challenges of NDT & NDE 4.0

While the technology industry is transitioning to the fourth revolution, which is driven by digital advancement and interconnections, NDE (Non-destructive evaluation) is evolving as well.

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