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Constant testing is necessary to maintain the quality and safety of your products – but unfortunately, they are prone to errors, often cost a lot of time and tie up your staff. With our solutions your products will become better – and your customers more satisfied. Check faster and safer with our solutions.

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Visual inspections are required in a wide range of industries, from heavy industry to food producers. The main focus here is on profound quality inspection, which not only prevents quality fluctuations and complaints, but also ensures the necessary level of safety. That is why more than one pair of eyes usually checks during the visual inspection whether everything is running correctly. But it is precisely this process that quickly becomes a bottleneck in many production chains, because often both inspection staff and inspection companies are working at extremely high capacity, so that this process can cause projects to be delayed – not to mention the often required second opinion

Therefore, we offer our customers two possible solutions, which allow both. Inspection on the assembly line as well as automatic image-based inspection beyond production:


Full Automation

The AI Vision System

Industrial Camera Framed IDS

Substitute the human eye of your examiner with a sentin VISION system consisting of a camera, an evaluation unit and our AI software. You no longer have to rely on the day-to-day condition of your inspectors and instead can rely on the artificial intelligence (AI) we have developed, which is precisely designed to evaluate your materials and products, which makes its own decisions fully automatically – just as an experienced colleague would do. Learn more about our service here.


Automatic Evaluation

The Software Tool

Simplify and accelerate inspection processes in your company with our software, the sentin EXPLORER, for image evaluation: It offers evaluators an independent second opinion when interpreting the images as a digital assistant, thus supporting and greatly accelerating the inspection process. The software uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) in such a way that, as a digital assistant, it counts units in fractions of a second, checks for abnormalities and detects pattern deviations.


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