New team member: Frederik Strothmann

New team member: Frederik Strothmann

With joint forces

We are pleased to welcome a new member of the sentin family. Frederik Strothmann has been helping us with Deep Learning content since the beginning of October. After a short acquaintance he could convince us of his deep technical understanding and his kind character.

Know-how from CERN

During his physics studies at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal he worked on data analysis of different particles and the further development of a software tool in the context of a CERN project. He was also able to build up his expertise in the area of deep learning and convolutional neural networks, which he is now using in image processing at sentin.

Exciting time ahead

The journey together will also be exciting for us, because technology thrives on an intensive exchange and discussion. We look forward to learning from each other and to moving things together. But we will also continue to spend hours together away from work and, for example, measure our skills at the occasional race on the retro console. With Frederik we have found a talented new team member with whom we enjoy working together.

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