Automatic image inspection for the industry

Image recognition and artificial intelligence for real use cases!

Our software solutions help you with the analysis.


Avoid slip-through parts or misinterpretation of errors on e.g. surfaces.


Get the (second) opinion of an assistance system for your imaging procedure.


Tell us your problem and how automation could help you.

Network and Awards

We rely on a strong expertise and a solid network. We believe that working together is the key to being successful.

Our 3 phases to your success


Is the use of artificial intelligence promising for your problems? What is the data situation? Together with you we identify a potential solution.

Project or product

What are your requirements for such an image processing system? We will cover these in a proof-of-concept or offer you a suitable product.

Satisfaction and integration

How satisfied are you with the solution created? How could we integrate this system into ongoing operations and work together in the longer term?

Example: weld error detection

Together with Visus Industry IT and Applus+ RTD, we are developing a software to analyze discontinuities in X-ray images of welds.

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