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Expensive automations fail

Classic image processing and automation solutions are reaching their limits. Their calibration often takes too much time and their accuracy is insufficient.

Humans do mistakes too

Errors or slippage in quality control or visual inspection occur because people get tired through routine, get off on the wrong foot or simply cannot see something.

Complaints and more inspections cost your profit

If faulty products arrive at your customers or have to be checked again, further costs are incurred or your company's image is damaged.


We teach machines to see.

Our solutions use artificial intelligence and deep learning to automate your visual or image-based exams.

Classification & Segmentation – Example: Cups

We teach machines to see and name things and components. Also interesting regions or parts can be recognized and marked precisely.

Classification and Segmentation

Anomaly Detection – Example: Cookies

What does a good product look like? We show computers examples of faultless objects and tolerable defects. In this way the system learns what something has to look like and detects deviations from it.

Anomaly Detection

Counting – Example: Screws

A computer can be trained to recognize and count properties in images. This allows products or packaging, for example, to be checked for completeness.


Our features

Approximately since 2012 (ImageNet Challenge) Deep Learning methods are superior to classical methods of image processing (at that time 74% accuracy). Today, these accuracies can reach +97% and are even better than humans.

A computer never gets tired of routine tasks and does them objectively. Deep learning models can also be more robust against external influences (e.g. exposure) than classical image processing.

Classic image processing and machine vision must be calibrated at great expense. An artificial intelligence learns error images automatically and can already be trained with between 20 and 200 images.

Our deep learning models can be easily integrated into different machines and processes. This saves time and reduces development effort.

We give you new powers.


Your benefit

If machines can see better and faster than a human being, this gives your company more time for demanding tasks and saves costs.

A closer inspection prevents slippage. This keeps your customers satisfied, saves you money and you are ready for the next audit.

A computer can analyze multiple images simultaneously and combine multiple inspections. This enables you to check more parts and increase production.

The early detection of changes and errors is particularly critical in batch production. If an entire batch has to be disposed, repackaged or decanted, automatic control with artificial intelligence offers great potential.

hero shot

Automatic weld analysis


Together with VISUS Industry IT and Applus+ RTD, we are developing a software to analyze imperfections in X-ray images of welds.

applus+ rtd
visus industry it

More use cases



The verification of best-before dates or labels is particularly important in the food industry. The use of artificial intelligence offers the possibility of validating these on products and interpreting changes in the printed image.

Coated parts

Reflective surfaces often require expensive specialist personnel who can nevertheless only detect faults with certain colours and lighting. Deep learning models can be much more robust and accurate in detection.

Metal parts

The detection of scratches and cracks can be important for metallic products and wear parts. Machine Vision can do this automatically.


Machine vision is the best way to check packaging for completeness and damage. An evaluation can take place within a few milliseconds.


Machine Vision with Deep Learning is able to detect patterns and anomalies in them. In the textile or ceramics industry, this aesthetics play an important role.

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