The team behind sentin

We are technology enthusiasts and have been able to gather several years of industry experience in this constellation. As an interdisciplinary team with expertise in data science, business modeling, industrial engineering and computer science, we have developed Industrial Analytics software to marketability. Following our decision to found our own company, we have successfully participated in several business plan competitions and are currently in the European funding program START-UP-Hochschulausgründungen NRW.



CEO, Cofounder

Kai is a rare hybrid between an industrial engineer and a data scientist. His creative problem-solving skills have helped him with a variety of projects including numerical simulations, the development of a tire pressure regulation system, predictive modeling for various Industrial Analytics use cases, the use of neural networks to predict the temperature behavior of components and many others. His tool of choice for solving technical-mathematical problems has always been programming.



CTO, Cofounder

Maximilian Topp is the computer science all-purpose weapon of sentin. He is primarily interested in the abstraction of problems from a scientific-mathematical point of view. He was already able to use and expand his outstanding practical expertise at Airbus Defense and Space and Bosch Rexroth. A new topic to which he is dedicated is the world of blockchains and distributed ledgers. His interest in other disciplines and new technologies makes him a versatile expert of the team.



CTO, Cofounder

Arkadius Gombos is the team's prototyping mastermind. As an advanced-engineer at Bosch Rexroth, he specialized in the automated evaluation of load collectives of mobile work machines. He brought this industrial analytics use case up to the productive solution as a web service. He was responsible for the development team as well as the planning and implementation of IoT prototypes. Starting with the embedded programming of calculation models up to the frontend and backend development, there are very few places in the IoT stack he didn't master.



CEO, Cofounder

As a sales engineer, Christian learned early on the importance of a reliable and honest customer relationship. But in addition to a simple "the customer is king", Christian strives for a deep understanding of the customer's ambitions, which is why he dedicated himself to the methods of user experience. Particularly in his role as Business Developer at Bosch Rexroth, the lean startup fan was able to pursue his love for customer-centered new business development. Furthermore, Christian worked in various projects as an expert in business model innovation.



Business Development Manager

Dominik is the first addition to the sentin family. For the four founders, he is a familiar face from their time together at Bosch Rexroth.
Dominik is the Swiss Army Knife in sentin's team. A real all-rounder. The trained sales engineer and product manager has already proven his skills with established companies such as AUDI AG and the KOSTAL Group. At sentin, Dominik takes responsibility for structuring internal processes and is our voice to the customer.

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Data Scientist

Frederik is the second addition to the sentin family. He has always been interested in data and the information hidden within it. In the team, he is responsible for the development and implementation of deep learning algorithms. During his physics studies, he used deep learning methods to search for new physics at CERN. Before joining sentin, he worked as a software developer for ATLAS Computing.


Pre 2018:

Industrial Analytics Software at Bosch Rexroth
Decision to found a startup

Feb 2018:

Special Award Technologystart2grow|38

May 2018:

2nd Place “Senkrechtstarter”

Oct 2018:

Start of the funding program START-UP-Hochschulausgründung
Founded the sentin GmbH

April 2019:

1st Place Salon des Creatéurs

April 2019:

Ignition Accelerator – digihub