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The app for quick
type plate capture.

Supported by artificial intelligence.

This is how the Asset Collector works.

Document the devices in your plants and systems
quickly & easily digitally.

Select a measuring point.

Take a photo of the type plate.

The AI recognises the nameplate fields. All you have to do is check.

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We support your with
the documentation of your data.


The Asset Collector is a powerful mobile application that enables text to be extracted from one or more images and automatically assigned to a predefined class.

The following fields can be automatically recognised by the AI:

  • Serial numbers
  • Manufacturer information
  • Classification numbers
  • Type designations
  • ATEX certificate numbers
  • And many more

A good data situation in the brownfield used to be time-consuming to collect and maintain. Our app makes it possible to collect better quality data more quickly.

More Features

The Asset Collector app also offers further simplifications for your process and use in the Brownfield:

  • Large controls for gloved use – so you can work quickly and easily with the app without having to take your gloves off all the time, we have specifically optimised the size and location of controls
  • Easy to use – intuitive user guidance and various tutorials keep familiarisation to a minimum
  • Flexible input – a variable assignment of texts (even without AI) lets you really capture all the data you need
  • Designed for explosion-proof smartphones – our app is optimised for use on devices used for safety areas in industrial plants
  • Evaluation and type plate capture even without internet – the AI evaluation or capture workflow does not require an internet connection, but works locally on your device.
  • Multi-language support – so that you can use the app without detours and avoid reading errors, for example, the operating elements are easy to understand in German or English. However, they can also be translated if required.
  • Export function to existing industry solutions – if you already use a digital industry solution to manage your inspection data, we offer comprehensive export functions and integrations into existing solutions.


In addition, the app convinces with many possibilities for individualisation:

  • Configurable recognition
  • Customizable workflows
  • Customizable data export

Seamless integration is our credo: the Asset Collector already allows you to export captured data to many existing systems and existing mobile applications. But that’s not all – we also offer you the option of adding your own export options, so you can take your data exactly where it’s needed.

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