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The evaluation of digital recordings is a demanding and time-consuming task, for example in the monitoring of plants. Both the process of image acquisition and the evaluation of the image are associated with an enormous amount of work in this area, which ties up a lot of time in your company and at the same time demands the highest level of concentration during evaluation. 

The same applies to machine vision in production. Images must be reliably recorded and evaluated on the assembly line. A balancing act between pseudo scrap and slippage/complaints is often encountered here. It must be recalibrated externally and the ROI (Return On Invest) of a system is no longer clear.

In order to identify flaws beyond doubt, a lot of experience is sometimes required – and yet it is possible that details are overlooked by auditors or systems. Our customers sometimes produce thousands of images per week, all of which have to be reliably checked.

Our Value Proposition

With our software, our partners can simplify the entire process of image-based inspection. Our customers appreciate the accelerated and comfortable evaluation of digital images and the reliable second opinion.

You either use our pre-trained evaluation models or you can calibrate your software as precisely as you like.

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How and where?
Here's how it works.

The sentin EXPLORER is your tool to automate & simplify image analysis for your application.

We give you the power to perform evaluations with the help of artificial intelligence and to find defects more reliably or gain new insights. The Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) helps you with this and can be abstracted to various applications.

For our software it does not matter whether you want to carry out an evaluation on a monitor or integrated in a system – you can use your evaluation model as and where you want it.

You remain independent, even if you want to change something afterwards.

Our Approach


Take your first steps. Together with our experts, you will check whether the use of artificial intelligence is the right thing for you. Choose from a portfolio of existing models and/or we create a new one together with the sentin EXPLORER.


Once your model is ready, you can continue using the sentin EXPLORER to perform your analyses directly on the computer. If you prefer to check your model with another software or without any display e.g. in your production, you can easily export your model.

Your possible setups

Calibration on the computer, server or in the cloud.

Configure the sentin EXPLORER together with us as you need it. Create projects for evaluations and select existing models or have your own created. All you need are sample images.

Artificial intelligence requires special hardware. Depending on what equipment you have or prefer, you can run the software in different ways.

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Evaluation on a monitor

If you are evaluating the recordings on a monitor, you can use the sentin EXPLORER to display them and evaluate all or individual recordings at the click of a button. Look at the automatically marked flaws and export the evaluation e.g. for a report.

Evaluation in external software or systems.

If you only need the results of the evaluation, you can also export the models and use them, for example, in a machine vision system on the assembly line or in other software

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Any Questions?

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Production & Industry

Whether you use inspection methods in quality assurance, incoming goods inspection or special component testing, time and accuracy are decisive factors here. Avoid slippage, complaints and pseudo rejects by improving error detection with our software. Use the sentin EXPLORER, for example, to subsequently improve the accuracy of your image processing or vision system.

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Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Many materials or components must be tested for quality and safety without being damaged in the process – such as welded seams on pipelines or other pipes. Use the sentin EXPLORER to get a digital second opinion and make your inspections more accurate and faster.

Individual Question?

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Dominik Nestler
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