Automatic Image Evaluation

  • Shorter Test Duration
  • More Reliable Results
  • Accept More Jobs

Automatic Image Evaluation

  • Shorter Test Duration
  • More Reliable Results
  • Accept More Jobs

The first class second opinion -
completely digital.

The evaluation of digital images is a demanding and time-consuming task, for example in the monitoring of infrastructure or facilities. Both the process of image acquisition and the evaluation of the image are associated with an enormous amount of work in this area, which ties up a lot of time in your company and at the same time demands the highest level of concentration during evaluation. A high level of experience is required to be able to identify defects beyond any doubt – and yet it is possible that details may be overlooked by the inspectors. Our customers sometimes produce thousands of images per week, which all have to be reliably checked.



Our value proposition

With our software, our partners can simplify the entire process of image-based inspection. Our customers appreciate the accelerated and comfortable evaluation of digital images and the reliable second opinion.

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Use the right tool

Both the correct display of images, e.g. by changing contrast, and the precise labeling of defects are an important part of your image inspection. Do not let yourself be slowed down by software that feels like something from the last millennium. Use the right tool for this demanding task. With the technologies we use, your images can be evaluated precisely and quickly.

  • Add-on to already existing recording systems or data sets
  • Displays images in an optimized way (filters, colors, details)
  • Enables easy labeling of defects
  • Simple handling thanks to user-friendly interface
  • Exporting the evaluated images
  • Location-independent, as local images and cloud connection possible
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Automatic Evaluation

The dual control principle

Mistakes are human – but in certain areas, especially when it comes to safety, they must not happen. If artificial intelligence is used to support colleagues, issues such as exhaustion and concentration fade into the background. At the same time, it works much faster than a human being does, and becomes more precise with each training object. Our AI is therefore a helpful support for your employees, which improves your product or service in the long run and increases the productivity of your employees. Therefore, we offer this automatic evaluation of different use cases as software extensions.

  • Automatically label defects with the AI
  • Automatic presorting of critical images
  • Support of examiners as competent second opinions
  • Saves time and helps as a digital assistant

If you want to speed up the review process, the pre-sorting of the images by our AI is an uncomplicated option to provide your reviewers with a competent second opinion. Like a very fast, never tiring digital assistant, it automatically sorts all corresponding images with regard to defects and anomalies.

Our Extensions

Innovative infrastructure assessment

In order to check the condition of infrastructure such as railways or roads, images are taken with a camera attached to a vehicle and examined afterwards. A clever AI can easily detect cracks, holes and critical areas.

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Comprehensive building inspection

Drones takes pictures of buildings from the air to enable a precise examination of roofs and house walls. Especially for insurance companies or real estate agents these test reports are an important basis for their work. An evaluation by an AI helps in the preparation of these reports and the evaluation of damages.

Non-destructive material testing (NDT)

Many materials or components must be tested for quality and safety without being damaged in the process – such as welding seams on pipelines or other pipes. Learn more about this application example here.

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With our software, our customers decouple image acquisition from the actual evaluation. Both processes no longer have to take place in one location – Remote or Home Office. In theory, evaluators can thus take control from anywhere in the world. Some customers already use other viewer or management solutions, which can be easily extended with our modern user interface and modular addons.