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Norm Validation NDT

Critical Image Detection.

Don’t waste time on the large amount of images that have no indications. Only focus on images that do not meet quality criteria or show indications and defects.

sentin EXPLORER Batch Processing

Batch Processing.

Benefit from parallel processing and decentralized computations. While you are performing the inspection, the AI can run as a background task which will process all new or archived images.

Our use cases for AI & Automation.


Wall Thickness Measurement / Corrosion Detector [X-Ray]

Step into the world of advanced image-based AI with our Wall Thickness Measurement and Corrosion Detector, designed for X-Ray images. By analyzing the image, our algorithms accurately assess material thickness and detect corrosion, ensuring the structural integrity of various assets. Join us in revolutionizing asset management in industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, and infrastructure, all through the power of AI-enabled inspection.


Weld Defect Detector & Validator (in-field, manual welds) [X-Ray]

Welcome to the forefront of AI-powered inspection with our Weld Defect Detector and Standard Validator, specialized in analyzing X-Ray images of in-field and manual welds. Our algorithms examine these welds, which greatly differ in size, shape and quality. They identify defects and validate welding standards. Join us to elevate inspection speed and quality for more reliability and compliance.


Weld Defect Detector & Validator (inline, manufacturing) [X-Ray]

Experience AI-driven excellence in manufacturing with our Inline Weld Defect Detector and Standard Validator, tailored for X-Ray image analysis. Our cutting-edge algorithms offer fast defect-detection and validation, ensuring high-quality welds as they are produced. By integrating AI into the manufacturing process, we redefine welding quality control, minimizing disruptions and optimizing productivity.

CT Enhancement

CT & X-Ray Image Quality Enhancement / Irradiation time reduction

Unlock the potential of AI-boosted imaging with our CT and X-Ray Quality Enhancer. Through AI algorithms, we enhance image clarity while reducing irradiation time, benefiting industries reliant on precise and fast imaging. Join us in achieving new levels of accuracy and efficiency for various industrial applications through superior image quality and fast image acquisiton.


OCR / Text Recognition [X-Ray & RGB]

Welcome to a new era of AI-powered OCR and Text Recognition, compatible with both X-Ray and RGB image data. Our advanced algorithms go beyond traditional OCR by extracting text from diverse visual sources. Whether it's additional inspection data captured in X-Ray images or standard text in RGB images, our AI technology transforms visual information into actionable text, streamlining data processing across sectors.


Inline Surface Inspection [X-Ray, RGB]

Immerse yourself in AI-driven quality control with our Inline Surface Inspection solutions, capable of analyzing both X-Ray and RGB image data. By leveraging the power of AI, we enable fast detection of surface defects, irregularities, and variations. Join us in revolutionizing manufacturing standards and minimizing defects by integrating AI-based inspection seamlessly into production lines.


Aerial Drone Inspection [RGB]

Discover the future of AI-enabled Aerial Drone Inspection, based on images taken from above. Our AI-based image analysis provides deep visual insights into assets, infrastructure, and landscapes. From construction site monitoring to infrastructure inspection, our AI-powered algorithms offer a comprehensive view, enhancing data collections and support informed decision-making.


Inspection Data Anonymization e.g. personal data [RGB]

Elevate data privacy with our Inspection Data Anonymization solution, tailor-made for RGB image data. Our AI model automatically identifies and anonymizes sensitive information in inspection images, ensuring compliance and ethical data handling. Join us in maintaining data integrity while harnessing the power of AI-based inspection across various sectors.

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"Working with sentin, I realised that modern technologies such as artificial intelligence have arrived in the industry. Especially the combination of conventional and AI algorithms can offer real added value for digital radiography and NDT."
Dr. Uwe Ewert Portrait

Dr. Uwe Ewert
Expert for (Digital) Radiography

  • Professor and Director off duty
  • Chairman of the Technical Committee “Radiology” at the DGZfP for many years
  • as well as former head of division at BAM and active at DGZfP
  • Member of various standardisation committees of ISO, CEN and ASTM
  • received the Berthold Award of the DGZfP (2005), the Röntgen Medal of the city of Remscheid (2009) and the Briggs Award of ASTM-International (2010).

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