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Inspection is good.
We make it even better.

The sentin team is made up of experienced developers, engineers and market experts. The company focuses on the visual and image-based inspection of materials and products, for which sentin offers innovative solutions for the most diverse sectors of the economy with its unique software.


Our Origin

The name sentin is derived from the Latin word sentire, which means recognize or perceive. That is why we were born to face modern challenges of the industry with precise and groundbreaking solutions. Our fascination lies in finding the most comfortable and robust solution for our customers. Our products stand for reliability, but also for progress.

The story of sentin began in the German Ruhr Area, a location rich in tradition but very modern. With our headquarters in Bochum, we became part of an excellent network of industry and science. Over time, our solutions from here have inspired various companies. No matter if progressive small company or internationally operating major customer.

We enable our partners to remain market leaders and work more efficiently in a wide range of industries. We see it as our duty to transform complex technologies into measurable success. This is why companies worldwide appreciate the quality of our products.



Employees (2019)
Evonik is one of the world's leading suppliers of specialized chemicals. With its self-image "Leading Beyond Chemistry, to improve life today and tomorrow." Evonik is revolutionizing biotechnology, medicine and physics, among other things.
Timeless elegance, innovative design and exceptional quality since 1748 in the bathroom and wellness, tableware, living, kitchen and tile sectors.


Employees (2018)

1.7 Bn. €

Revenue Parent Company (2015)
Applus RTD is a world leading service provider in the field of non-destructive testing, inspection and certification.
NVIDIA offers GPUs and chips for computers, the cloud, and more. The NVIDIA Inception Program promotes innovative AI start-ups that are revolutionizing entire industries.

Market leader

fOr Visual Computing


What others say about our digital inspectors.

"Working with sentin, I realised that modern technologies such as artificial intelligence have arrived in the industry. Especially the combination of conventional and AI algorithms can offer real added value for digital radiography and NDT."
Dr. Uwe Ewert Portrait

Dr. Uwe Ewert
Expert for (Digital) Radiography

  • Professor and Director off duty
  • Chairman of the Technical Committee “Radiology” at the DGZfP for many years
  • as well as former head of division at BAM and active at DGZfP
  • Member of various standardisation committees of ISO, CEN and ASTM
  • received the Berthold Award of the DGZfP (2005), the Röntgen Medal of the city of Remscheid (2009) and the Briggs Award of ASTM-International (2010).

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