Our solutions for your
Testing, Inspection & Certifcation (TIC)
use case.

Your AI development project.

We support you on the way to artificial intelligence & your digital inspector.

Together we develop an AI with you.

Off-the-shelf AI solutions are rather rare for industrial applications. We therefore offer you as an AI service to train a model for your use case. 

Our competent developers and integration experts advise and support you with

  • Hardware setup with our partners 
  • Data acquisition and annotation
  • Dataset preparation
  • AI model training
  • AI model validation
  • Integration
  • Monitoring
  • Updates
  • and more
The following table shows different AI and inspector types as well as their associated efforts and properties. We help you to choose the right AI type and develop a first model for use in sentin EXPLORER.
AI TypeEffort & Data RequirementsHardware RequirementsLocalization
Object Detectionhighmoderateyes
Segmentationvery highhigh better
Chocolate Annotations
How fast can you count the nuts?
A human takes about 10-15 seconds. The computer takes a few milliseconds.


How to start?

Get your business ready for AI.

In 3 steps to artificial intelligence.

The most common way to deploy an AI solution with us is this:

  1. Collect information & data e.g. with our checklist.
  2. Development project: we develop a first AI solution for you and integrate it into sentin EXPLORER.
  3. Continuous improvement of the model and usage in the sentin EXPLORER and its AI engine.

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Dominik Nestler
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Development project successful?

Then use the sentin EXPLORER.

Read here how our development tool, the sentin EXPLORER, supports you in collaboration & development and how it integrates into your process after or during the development project.

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Is your company ready for AI & Machine Vision projects?

Free checklist
with 24 questions.