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for non-destructive testing and industrial inspection.

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Specialized on NDT & TIC industry and deep process and workflow knowledge.

Hardware independent & holistic services.

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Our services.

Fullstack software services:

  • Automation of inspection processes (e.g. image evaluation, standard validation or report generation)
  • Implementation of digital inspection workflows (e.g. new user Interfaces, custom tools or permission systems)
  • Integration of custom interfaces (hardware, software)
  • Integration & deployment to machines or the cloud
  • User interface & user experience optimization

Artificial Intelligence services:

  • Potential analysis
  • AI-based process automation & assistance
  • AI dataset acquisition, annotation and cleaning
  • AI model training & validation
  • AI model integration, monitoring, continous improvement

Infrastructure services:

  • Setup and integration of digital solutions to cloud, servers or machines
  • Inspection hardware setup with our partners
  • Setup of digital archives like DICONDE-compliant PACS
  • Integration and connection to custom data sources
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  • Digitization of analog x-ray archives
  • Management courses: AI & Industry 4.0 for executives
  • Software user training
And more to make your inspection faster and more reliable…

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What experts say:

"Working with sentin, I realised that modern technologies such as artificial intelligence have arrived in the industry. Especially the combination of conventional and AI algorithms can offer real added value for digital radiography and NDT."
Dr. Uwe Ewert Portrait

Dr. Uwe Ewert
Expert for (Digital) Radiography

  • Professor and Director off duty
  • Chairman of the Technical Committee “Radiology” at the DGZfP for many years
  • as well as former head of division at BAM and active at DGZfP
  • Member of various standardisation committees of ISO, CEN and ASTM
  • received the Berthold Award of the DGZfP (2005), the Röntgen Medal of the city of Remscheid (2009) and the Briggs Award of ASTM-International (2010).

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