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Constant controls are necessary to maintain the quality and safety of your products & inspections – but unfortunately they are prone to errors, often cost a lot of time and tie up personnel. With our solutions your products will be better – and your customers more satisfied. Therefore check faster and safer with our software.

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Visual inspections are required in a wide range of industries, from heavy industry to food producers. The main focus here is on gentle yet precise inspection, which not only prevents quality fluctuations and complaints, but also ensures the necessary level of safety. Unfortunately, the test results are not always clear. That is why more than one pair of eyes usually checks whether everything is going right, or one gets a second opinion from a colleague.

But it is exactly this process that quickly becomes a bottleneck in many companies, because often both testing staff and testing companies are working at extremely high capacity, so that this process can cause projects to be delayed.

Therefore, we offer our customers a software solution with which they can automate or improve both controls in production and automatic image evaluation in other areas themselves. We believe that an evaluation by a computer – whether alone or as an assistance system – can increase the safety and accuracy of the evaluation.

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How fast can you count the nuts?
A human takes about 10-15 seconds. The computer takes a few milliseconds.

Our Software

Simplify and accelerate testing processes with our software, the sentin EXPLORER. Use ready-made algorithms or configure the recognition as you need it.

Our customers use the artificial intelligence (AI) of our software as a digital colleague who can count units in fractions of a second, check for defects and detect pattern deviations.

Our product stands for reliability and accuracy so that our partners can test & evaluate faster and safer – no matter whether you want to display the evaluations in the sentin EXPLORER or integrate the algorithms into existing test systems or software solutions.


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