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Our award-winning solutions for

Testing, Inspection & Certifcation (TIC)

industry will make you future proof.

We strive for the fastest and most reliable tests and inspections in industry.

We believe that digital transformation and technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the key to achieve this goal, as it can combine the knowledge of all inspectors in the world and make decisions in less than a second.

We help you to make
your testing processes digital and future-proof.

Our Software Suite


Customized services

sentin EXPLORER already offers many different tools and interfaces, but to enable you to optimize your inspection processes in a customized manner, we offer various individual services. Whether you are just starting your digital processes or you already have partial solutions, we will pick you up where you are so that you can do your inspections more efficiently and future-proof.

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In collaboration with​

Our clients can

multiply their revenue & margins.

Inspections are required in a wide range of industries, from heavy industry to e-mobility. The main focus here is on non-destructive testing, which not only prevents quality fluctuations and complaints, but also ensures the necessary level of safety. Unfortunately, the test results are not always clear. That is why more than one pair of eyes usually checks whether everything is going right, or one gets a second opinion from a colleague.

But it is exactly this process that quickly becomes a bottleneck in many companies, because often both testing staff and inspection service companies are working at extremely high capacity.

Therefore, we offer our customers software solutions with which they can automate or improve their inspection processes. We believe that an evaluation by a computer – whether alone or as an assistance system – can increase the safety, accuracy and speed of the evaluation.

How fast can you count the porosities?
A human alone takes about 10-15 seconds. With a computer it takes less than a second.

Can you imagine the speed up if the complete image evaluation takes a human 10 minutes?

What we will help you with?

Increase your margins.
Grow your business and get the best out of your existing assets.

Establish your business in new service sectors.
Unlock your potential of tomorrow – with high margins and the use of state of the art tools and service.

Tackle the challenges of demographic or climate change.
Increase your digital efficiency. Create new digital tools to drive automation and productivity of NDT and TIC services.

How a customer saves 150 000€ with AI?

Learn more in our case study.

How we do this?

Our solutions aim to simplify the whole inspection process from data acquisition to the final report. We start with a setup project to pick you up where you are. This includes:

– Hardware setup with our partners
– Adaption of software & interfaces
– Data acquisition and annotation
– Dataset preparation
– AI model training
– AI model validation
– Integration, Updates and Monitoring

After implementation the sentin EXPLORER is our tool that keeps your service foing. Read more about the features here.

What we have been working on?

We have seen a lot of use cases. Here are a few which we think impact TIC industry the most.

Weld Inspection & Standard Validation
(e.g. ISO 10675)
CT Enhancement
CT & X-Ray quality enhancement &
irradiation time reduction
Wall Thickness Measurement
OCR / Text Recognition
Inline Consumer Goods Inspection
E-Mobility/Automotive Battery Inspection (X-Ray)
Inspection Data Anonymization
Roof-Top Drone Inspection
Road Surface Inspection

And many more...

Who is it for?

For all who believe in this technology, we will find a way to work together. Regardless of where you are at in digitization, we will help you to evaluate and implement digital solutions that suit your current needs.

May it be archiving and digitization of data and reports, automating already existing inspection processes or the creation new high-value services based on technology. We are happy to support you.

If you don’t believe in the potential of AI and digitization you may get yourself trained with one of our management courses.

How to start?

The most common way to deploy an AI solution with us is this:

Collect information & data e.g. with our checklist.

Setup project: we develop a first AI solution for you and integrate it into sentin EXPLORER.

Continuous improvement of the model and usage in the sentin EXPLORER and its AI engine.

Free checklist
with 24 questions.

Is your company ready for AI & Machine Vision projects?

What others say about our digital inspectors.

Dominik Nestler

Dominik Nestler
Business Development

Our Software

Simplify and accelerate testing processes with our software, the sentin EXPLORER. Use ready-made algorithms or configure the recognition as you need it.

To get off to a successful start working with AI, we usually begin to work with our customers as part of a development project.

Our customers use the artificial intelligence (AI) of our software as a digital colleague who can count units in fractions of a second, check for defects and detect pattern deviations.

Our product stands for reliability and accuracy so that our partners can test & evaluate faster and safer – no matter whether you want to display the evaluations in the sentin EXPLORER or integrate the algorithms into existing test systems or software solutions.


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Is your company ready for AI & Machine Vision projects?

Free checklist
with 24 questions.