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Automatic Evaluation


Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a demanding discipline that contributes to the safety and reliability of components and systems. It is not unusual for thousands of images to be captured each week, all of which must be reliably tested. For example, the inspection of radiographic images of weld seams (RT/DR) by an evaluator sometimes takes up to 10 minutes. It doesn’t have to be!

The sentin EXPLORER is the digital inspection software of the future. The automatic detection of defects and sorting according to critical images saves our customers a lot of time and nerves.

Our sentin EXPLORER allows you to view captured images, quickly mark anomalies and defects and export annotations.


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Applus RTD is a world leading service provider in the field of non-destructive testing, inspection and certification.

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Our studies in the aerospace sector already show that our AI algorithms can achieve an accuracy of over 99%.

This rate simply cannot be achieved by a human inspector – fatigue and careless errors can occur after only 30 minutes and usually result in a necessary break. Only then can the inspector continue with his work. This is why our solution is the best choice when it comes to image-based inspection of materials of any kind.


  • Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) & highlighting of flaws*
  • Image enhancement through various filters and optimization
  • Pre-sorting & statistics of critical images
  • Export of evaluated records
  • Various file formats: DICONDE, TIFF, PNG and many more.
  • Available for desktop, server/cloud and integrable
  • Various methods - RT/DR/CT/UT (Phased Array)

Our customers rely on a reliable evaluation of various images taken by imaging methods of non-destructive testing (NDT). The software can be used for radiographic testing (RT) and computed tomography (CT). Our customers are also supported in digital radioscopy / radiography (DR) and ultrasonic testing (UT, phased array).

* A trained evaluation model & corresponding hardware is required for this. More about this in the section ‘Our approach’ or our FAQ.

Experience NDT 4.0

NDT 4.0 is no longer a dream of the future and is ready for almost all areas of industrial application. However, the origin of such assistance systems lies in medicine: Here, a new era of control began with the automated evaluation of X-ray images. Here, deep learning algorithms were able to check faster and +20% more precisely than human experts. In the meantime, fully automated AI has become a new tool in many companies and, as a digital inspector, supports e.g. the process of quality assurance or plant safety. Our customers can therefore rely on a reliable evaluation of various applications, such as welding seams, residual wall thickness of pipes or castings.

Component Annotations
Let the software recognize even complex shapes.

And Remote Office?

With our software, our customers decouple the image acquisition from the actual evaluation. Both processes no longer have to take place in one place – keyword remote or home office. In theory, inspectors can take control from anywhere in the world. Some customers already use other viewer or management solutions, which can be easily extended with our modern user interfaces.

Do you have questions about our approach?

Our software can be integrated into your business processes in two steps. No matter whether you use ready-made evaluations or have special requirements. With the sentin EXPLORER you can set up your analysis as precisely as you need it – even afterwards.

Our software helps you with the evaluation and saves you time and nerves. We believe that experts need the right tool. Therefore, we have implemented functions and a procedure in cooperation with inspectors so that you can test faster and easier. The computer is at your side as a competent second opinion.

The right tool for you.

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