Digital Radiography

  • Objective Second Opinion
  • Faster Interpretation
  • Accept More Jobs

Digital Radiography Assistant

  • Objective Second Opinion
  • Faster Interpretation
  • Accept More Jobs

Success with perspective:

Thanks to automatic evaluation of
x-ray images

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The sentin EXPLORER is the digital inspector of the future. The automatic detection of defects and sorting according to critical images saves you a lot of time and nerves. For comparison: The inspection of X-ray images of welding seams by a classical inspector currently takes up to 10 minutes. Our sentin EXPLORER offers the possibility to display recorded images and quickly label anomalies and deviations as well as export the annotations

Fast. Objective. Exactly.

In one of our projects in the aerospace sector, our AI solution achieved an accuracy rate of over 99.9%.  A human examiner simply cannot achieve this rate – fatigue and careless errors can occur after only 30 minutes and usually result in a necessary break. Only then can the examiner continue his work. This is why our solution is the best choice when it comes to image-based inspection of any kind of material.

Features At A Glance:

  • Automatic labeling of defects
  • Image enhancement through various filters and optimization
  • Pre-sorting of critical images
  • Export of the evaluated images
  • Various file formats: DICOM/DICONDE, TIFF, PNG...
  • Desktop, Cloud and integrable

The machine sees everything:

Whether welding seams, residual wall thickness or casting parts

Digital radiography has long ceased to be a niche product and is now used in almost all areas of industry. Its origins, however, lie in medicine, where the automated evaluation of X-ray images has ushered in a new era of control. In the meantime, the fully automated AI has become a new colleague in many companies and, as a digital examiner, supports e.g. the process of quality assurance.

Pioneer instead of latecomer

Our current project

In cooperation with Applus+ RTD, we have developed an artificial intelligence that automatically examines the quality of welds in a matter of seconds. By using Deep Learning (a subcategory of Artificial Intelligence), it detects imperfections on X-ray images. For example, the high safety standard to which pipelines and others are subject is easily maintained – and your employees in the inspection area are supported and relieved by an expert second opinion

The digital inspector works
regardless of location.

Since our software works independently of the image acquisition, it is not absolutely necessary that both processes take place at the same location. Instead, the evaluators can use the sentin EXPLORER to perform the evaluation from the remote office or another company site. We thus enable you to work flexibly and independent of location. At the same time, the software can be easily integrated into existing systems and software solutions.

Locally Installed
Globally Available

Would You Like To Try Our Software?

Demo Access

sentin EXPLORER - 1 Month Test Access
  • This is the right choice if you want to test the sentin EXPLORER and gain a demo access. You will have 1 Month to check out all of its features and decide if this is the right tool for you. Click the Button below to get in touch.
  • Various file formats: DICOM/DICONDE, TIFF, PNG...​​
  • sentin EXPLORER - 1 Month Test Access​

Apply As NDT Expert

sentin EXPLORER - 1 Month Beta Access
  • If you are an expert in NDT and want to check out the latest features and algorithms of the sentin EXPLORER you can apply for the beta access. You will gain access to the sentin EXPLORER for 1 month or longer and may be asked for your opinion and feedback actively shaping the look and feel of the software and it's future versions.
  • Various file formats: DICOM/DICONDE, TIFF, PNG...​​
  • sentin EXPLORER - 1 Month Beta Access
  • Latest Image Enhancement Filters
  • Latest Evaluation Algorithms

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