Automation & Artificial Intelligence
for non-destructive testing and industrial inspections.

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Inspection software & tools
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Smart inspections, brilliant results.

Benefit from the latest technologies in NDT and inspections.
Let’s shape tomorrow’s digital workflows and tools today. Become more effecient and tackle today’s challenges like demographic change or skilled labour shortage.

Boost your inspections and non-destructive testing (NDT) with the latest technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and other automation tools.

Batch Processing.

Let the AI check all images in the background.
sentin EXPLORER Batch Processing

Benefit from parallel processing and decentralized computations. While you are performing the inspection, the AI can run as a background task which will process all new or archived images.

Critical Image Detection.

Don't waste time on the large amount of images that have no indications.
Only focus on images that do not meet quality criteria or show indications and defects. Some Examples...

Weld Inspection.

Filter good and focus on the critical images and defects using our software and AI tools.


Corrosion & Wall Thickness Measurement.

Measure pipe walls fully automatic to find minimal spots, corrosion and acquire more data about piping structures


Aerial & Drone Inspection.

Use the latest inspections methods with aerial or thermographic inspections boosted by AI.

"Working with sentin, I realised that modern technologies such as artificial intelligence have arrived in the industry. Especially the combination of conventional and AI algorithms can offer real added value for digital radiography and NDT."
Dr. Uwe Ewert Portrait

Dr. Uwe Ewert
Expert for (Digital) Radiography

  • Professor and Director off duty
  • Chairman of the Technical Committee “Radiology” at the DGZfP for many years
  • as well as former head of division at BAM and active at DGZfP
  • Member of various standardisation committees of ISO, CEN and ASTM
  • received the Berthold Award of the DGZfP (2005), the Röntgen Medal of the city of Remscheid (2009) and the Briggs Award of ASTM-International (2010).

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Software Products:


sentin EXPLORER - The imaging / viewer software with Artificial Intelligence. More...

asset collector picture screen

Asset Collector - The Smartphone App for industrial device & type plate capture. More...

AI & Automation Use Cases:

  • Wall Thickness Measurment / Corrosion Detector [X-Ray]

  • Weld Defect Detector (in-field, manual welds) & Standard Validation [X-Ray]

  • Weld Defect Detector & Validator (inline, manufacturing) [X-Ray]

  • CT & X-Ray Image Quality Enhancement / Irradition time reduction

  • OCR / Text Recognition [X-Ray & RGB]

  • Inline Surface Inspection [X-Ray, RGB]

  • Aerial Drone Inspection [RGB]

  • Inspection Data Anonymization e.g. personal data [RGB]

  • Custom AI & Automation use cases and tools


  • Analyzing the status quo and potentials of analog and digital workflows
  • AI dataset acquisition, annotation and cleaning
  • AI model training & validation
  • Development of digital automation & assistance tools as well as customized workflows
  • External interface implementation
  • User-Experience & User-Interface Optimization
  • Software or cloud integration, updates and monitoring


Services with partners:

  • Inspection Hardware setup
  • Digitization of analog X-Ray archives
  • Setup of digital archives like DICONDE-compliant PACS
  • And more to make your inspection faster and more reliable…
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