3 Incredible Places for Welding

Welding is a fabrication process that involves the joining of multiple parts using heat and/or pressure. The process is normally applicable on metal parts as well as thermoplastics. However, in a few cases, wood is welded too. 

Welding has a wide range of application, including the following incredible ones.

Here are some of the incredible places where welding is done:

  • Shipbuilding
  • City Water Systems
  • Stunning Works of Art
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No. 1 | Incredible Places for Welding: Shipbuilding

Ships are supposed to have solid and waterproof construction for safe operation and longevity. Considering the attention and complexity nature of a perfect shipbuilding process, the builders involved should possess a high level of expertise in the field. Consequently, the process could be very time-consuming and expensive. Besides, some aspects of shipbuilding require a remarkable work time under the water surface, and this makes it hard for humans to do it manually. 


Arc welding for ships 

In arc welding, the metal electrode of a ship metal part is connected to an electrical power supply, creating a closed circuit when the electrode touched the plate. Then, an electrical arc occurs when the electrode rises a few millimeters from the plate after the electric current jumps the gap. As a result, the parent metal and the electrode metal melt, and then both fuse. Arc welding can be automated by the use of robots, making shipbuilding easier. 


In 1982, the UK navy awarded contracts for the construction of ships using arc welding technology. 


Despite using simple apparatus, arch welding is high-speed, making welding tasks very easy and fast to perform. Besides, it can work on AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) power.


One of the downsides or arc welding is its unsuitability for welding thin metals. Additionally, it requires highly skilled welders. 

No. 2 | Incredible Places for Welding: City Water Systems

City water systems normally experience heavy sewerage traffic, requiring sturdy construction to withstand the resulting pressure


Metal Inert Gas Welding for city water systems 

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, is ideal for joining mild stainless steel and aluminum, onto base metals. Considering that these materials are strong and corrosion-resistant, they are suitable for the construction of systems used to supply clean water for domestic and industrial uses.


The American Welding Society has approved metal inert gas welding as a safe and efficient technique for the construction and maintenance of various American water supply systems.

Metal inert gas welding is easy and simple and doesn’t require filler material. 


On the downside, MIG requires a high initial setup cost. 

No. 3 | Incredibles Place for Welding: Stunning Works of Art

Some stunning works of art can be made through welding. This is majorly applicable where the metal materials are involved. Cutting hard metal parts to the desired stunning shapes and texture can be quite laborious. In some cases, the wanted results might not be achieved.


Spot Welding for works of art

Spot welding, or resistance spot welding is used to weld two or more metal sheets into one by applying electric current heat and pressure. So, when an artist wants to join two sheets to create an art piece, this form of welding can be helpful. 


Some of the most popular welding artists use spot welding to create unique, strong and super-attractive works of art. David Madero is one of these artists. 


Spot welding is among the most efficient and least expensive welding techniques. 


Areas joined through resistance spot welding might be weak if the used current, pressure or heat is not enough.






Those are just some of the applications of welding; the full list is longer.

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