3 Companies Are Revolutionizing Digital Radiography

In 2019, we worked with Applus+ RTD on a proof of concept to develop an augmentative system for inspecting weld X-ray images. Our analytics expertise is primarily focused on finding potential indications faster using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning methods. As part of the data organization, the interface of the software from DIMATE (formerly VISUS Industry IT) was addressed. However, both systems remain independent of each other.ย 

We consider this initiative to be an important step towards digitizing non-destructive testing (NDT) and taking RT testing to a new level of productivity.

Today we are one step further:

The sentin EXPLORER - The NDT Software

In order to save time and nerves during testing and evaluation, you should use the right tool. The sentin EXPLORER facilitates the evaluation by automatically analyzing and marking of discrepancies.

External and internal characteristics play a role in the evaluation of welds. Non-destructive material testing such as visual inspection (visual inspection โ€“ VT) or imaging methods (e.g. radiographic testing with X-rays or gamma rays โ€“ RT, or ultrasound with phased array โ€“ UT) can be used to examine them for cracks or pores, for example.

More about this in our article:

The 5 Types โ€“ What Is Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)?


What is a PACS in NDT?

It is no longer possible to imagine non-destructive testing (NDT) without PACS. What has been standard in medical technology for years (under the keyword โ€“

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